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October 15th, 2007

03:34 pm: photos

01:42 pm: Life with Toby

Toby's a Grand Eclectus parrot that came to live with us in January after my sisters death. Little did we know that our lives would never be the same. He's a big bird. Brilliant green.
That bird-Toby-has been a mess the last few days..and very funny.
He has been banned from regular tv-I think Pat had to do that one time too..he started yelling, "help, help" in a high pitched voice Friday..no more soap operas. for him...now he get channel 12 when I leave the house.! 
He and my husband have something going on that I can't figure out-my husband just loves him, and wants to hold him-just sit together watching tv (likeTob and I do) He picked up Toby Friday night, getting ready to sit down. Toby flew into the living room. I was across the room and he started running around the coffee table toward me. That awkward pigion toed run! his long neck craning forward. Naturally I helped by calling, "hurry, Toby, hurry!! "He made it to the couch, climbed up it, then went behind me and stuffed himself as far as he could between me and the sofa..Sure that the evil man couldn't see him! A florescent green bird against a dark burgundy sofa! lol
I gave him a shower Sat-my hands are small and I have arthritis in them, Toby is such a chunk of bird that my husband usually takes him to shower-it was a no brainer from the start-Toby was in charge. I started spraying him and we were having a great time, I thought-when he grabbed the shower head-water flew every where-so now I'm wet too. As I tried to get the shower head he jumped on the hose, climbed up it, and ran to the top of the shower.There I am, sopping wet, that birds sitting up on the top of the shower!.
To show him who's boss (Yea right), I climb up to get him, firmly sat him on his shower perch , and showered him. Precious angel that he is, he sat and spread his wings as tho nothing had happened.
Grabbing a towel to hold him-he had other ideas-tug of war time! FINALLY-I got him to his cage, (towel less) and sat him on top of it..my husband didn't say a word, I was soaked, water all over the bathroom, and he "knew" if he said anything I'd pounce on him!I don't get any respect from that bird at all! 
This is the age I thought would be so quiet and peaceful, you know? Just sit back, watch the flowers grow, relax, read good (and bad) books..instead I run to drs, and am a slave to parrots!


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October 14th, 2007

10:33 pm: first post

 Not much happening-what  a beautiful day-the kind you never want to end..68 degrees-I carried plants to the greenhouse, getting ready for the winter. Gem went with me, tucked in the top of my shirt, watching everything...saying, what ya doing? Gem is a sun conure-small parrot-lots of fun and ornery as hell-a beautiful creature-bright orange, yellow..that boy sparkles like a gem in the sun-(how he got his name) No one in their  right mind has parrots (so my friend says) so that says a lot about me.! :) Then theres the 3 we inherited.....

I'm staying busy-trying to keep my mind occupied-my appointment with the surgeon is Tuesday. He's a glaucoma specialist..Just call me chicken-I'm taking 3 drops a day-have already had the damaged right eye lasered. What a royal pain glaucoma is-I am certainly not alone-lots of others going thru the same..naturally I envision the worse-I can picture myself bouncing off walls, falling over dogs, just for starters!  In the meantime, theres places to go and things to do. Besides I'm already falling over the dogs...
What I'm reading- 
Water For Elephants
next is Middlesex..


Current Mood: calm
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